Do you know what it's like when you are trying really hard to make something work, and nothing is working out, but you persist and get all stressed out? Why do we do that to ourselves? Meanwhile, resistance is burning a hole through your brain stem, and you're losing your cool, snapping at people and yelling at the dog. What do you do?

So here's the thing: when you do that, it's like giving an ultimatum to the universe. If you're going to give an ultimatum to the universe, just remember what your parents told you when you tried to give them an ultimatum: When you give an ultimatum, you'd better be prepared to walk away. Now as kid you may have interpreted that to be a menacing threat, and just gave up your cause out of fear of impending defeat and humiliation, but that's only because that's what they wanted you think! It was just a mind game to get you out of their hair. So they wouldn't have to deal with adopting a family of raccoons for fear of you going on a hunger strike if they didn't. But the truth is, they were right - It's a deep and incontrovertible principle of the universe.

You have to be willing to let go.

Most of the time, we don't give this much thought. If things are going our way, we tend to be on autopilot, and our program runs along smoothly. But, if we hit a bump in the road it can throw us off our track. If you've ever noticed though, the bigger the bump, the further off track we usually become, and the longer it takes to get back on track.

That's when we receive an invitation from the universe, to gain wisdom, and the wisest way to respond, is by letting go of our control, and releasing our ego, thereby releasing attachment to the outcome.

Wu Wei

Wu Wei is a Taoist term that roughly translates to "Doing by not doing." What it means is, relaxing into the flow state where everything is effortless. When you have truly released your attachment to the outcome, you experience flow, or Wu Wei. That's when you are in step with the universe. When the microcosm dances with the macrocosm. That's how worlds are created.

The universe is inviting you to dance.

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