The Moon: An Invitation to Dance With The Unknown

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

There is something that I find extraordinarily beautiful, compelling, and mystical about a snow-covered forest. It's unlike any other place in the world... It's like ground zero for otherworldly communication. It reminds me of the Moon card in the tarot. In the tarot, the Moon is the keeper of hidden secrets and it is the access point to the unfolding of great mysteries, primarily of the revelation of the ancient Greek aphorism, Gnothi Seuton, or Know Thyself. The primary directive of the mage, who may spend decades learning this. It's an invitation to learn about true fulfillment in life However, it is usually met with resistance at first, and it can be likened to walking through a forest at night. While daylight shines upon the trees and dapples the forest floor, and the forest is alive with chatter from the birds and activity from the woodland creatures; at night, it is so quiet you can hear a pin drop and you can't see a thing.

You are at its mercy and gripped with fear of the unknown, until you learn the hidden secrets the Moon has to tell you, and it transforms into an antenna to a deeper connection to the force of creation which resides within and around you.

The number 9 (1+8) indicates completion and makes way for the prize for such initiation and completion of a cycle. Once you allow the moon to cradle you in her dark mysteries, removing fear of the unknown and allowing acceptance of one's failings, you will find the truth in the aphorism, Gnothi Seuton, and the power of self-love. ❤️

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