Seagulls provide great source of amusement to lonely shut-in during self-quarantine

I'm sitting here in my living room trying to figure out a puzzle that a friend on Facebook posted, and I hear squaking. The sliding glass door is open. I look up and a seagull is perched on the railing of my balcony, right in front of me. I turn my head and we make weird eye-contact (I say weird, because, have you ever seen their eyes?

They look like cake decorations) But he's clearly engaged with me and through his squaks, is trying to communicate. He stares intently at me and lets out a squak as if to ask me "WTF is going on? Where are all the humans? I need french fries."

"What do I look like, Dr. Doolittle? Try Jack in the Box down on Pearl St."

He flies away in the direction of Pearl St., which btw is in the vicinity of where the seagull was found playing with a dildo a few weeks back


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