Our beautiful, phytonutrient-rich serum and companion elixir for the most comprehensive way to restore vitality to your face! The name Molecular Geometry refers to the particular structure of a molecule. This is important because many of the properties of a substance are determined by its geometry. Some of these properties are polarity, magnetism, phase, color, and chemical reactivity, or biological activity. In short, this means, you can have all the right ingredients, but if you throw a wrong one in there, or if your process alters the structure in an undesirable way, you aren't going to get the results you want. It's sort of like baking a cake. There's a science to that too. We thought this was a cute way to let you know, we not only chose the right ingredients, but we put them together like a symphony!

We like to think of our serum as the pre-procedure option, as well as the maintenance option. If you're not ready to think about having any type of procedure yet, or if that's not something you're into, restoring your skin's elacticity and collagen naturally with Molecular Geometry serum is the way to go. With star performers like macrocystis pyrifera (giant brown sea kelp) which retains even MORE moisture than hyaluronic acid, wild strawberry, with its supercharged antioxidant capacity, hibiscus flower which has been given the nickname, "The Botox Plant", plus 9 incredible skin-nurturing wild botanicals, this serum is exploding with organic/wildcrafted skinactives that really mean business.

Everything in this product is real, naturally, so you don't have to worry about potentially harmful mystery chemicals. We harvest the botanicals ourselves. Which means, we know exactly what processes we use to extract the goodness and phytoactive compounds of these precious botanicals, and we're not about to strip out any of the good stuff. Even our preservatives are natural, skin-loving bioactives. Nature has its own way of preserving what's good about it, and we follow that path by processing our botanicals gently, and without heat that can kill off the phytonutrients we're all boasting about that are contained in our products. We use virgin avocado oil because of its love affair with healthy skin! It's rich in Oleic Acid, and it enhances the absorption of other nutrients. Our 9 botanicals we've affectionately called, The Pink Moon extract, was actually harvested for the first time on the pink moon, and contains 9 wildcrafted botanicals from a private forest in Southern Oregon, and they include:

  • Apple blossom, for good circulation and blood flow, detoxifying, toning and smoothing, as well as enhancing water apsorption
  • Wild Rose & Rose Hips for a powerful boost of antixoidants and peptides (skin messengers to create more collagen). Besides being costly and prized for the attar or oil they produce, roses have been prized for their beauty secrets for centuries. We use only wild roses (Rosa Sinesa), which have a very short blooming season and are fiercely protected by their own prickly thorns as well as the aggressively loyal and pervasively spreading blackberry thorns (a close cousin, and also an ingredient!), plus bees... lots of bees. So you see, it is a risky proposition to harvest these beautiful blossoms and even more difficult to walk away with some of the prized hips, but it is well worth it. The antioxidant, Vitamin C and Vitamin A capacity of wild roses far surpasses the average, garden variety rose. Why do you think the bees want them so badly? It's anti-inflammatory, helps reduce wrinkles and even out skintone, and while we don't use them for their aroma, it is the most lovely and delicate scent of all. So the next time you use our serum, remind yourself that someone risked their being for it, and you can feel just like a queen!
  • Wild Hazelnut, to increase skin elasticity, increase hydration down to the outermost layer and to give a firm and supple appearance. Loaded with Vitamin E.

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