Pebbles' Peanut Butter Cookie Body Polish

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It's finally here! Pebbles has been working hard on her new Peanut Butter Cookie body polish for dogs. She wants to share this with all her friends because it makes her skin so soft! Also, she loves the taste of it, and it's totally okay!

We created a special body polish just for dogs after the success we had with our Rejuvenating Body Polish, and the fact that Pebbles was using it all the time to keep her coat shiny & her skin healthy. Organic unrefined coconut oil is so good for our furry pals because it softens the skin and heals lots of problems. Don't worry if they want to help you out by licking it off while they're getting their treatment because this has everything good for dogs – especially the coconut oil, which helps lubricate joints! And instead of the cocoa butter in our *human version*, we've added organic peanut butter...because it smells wonderful & dogs love it ♥

Besides organic unrefined coconut oil & organic, all natural peanut butter, we use the same antioxidant-rich botanicals that are in our *human version*, plus widlcrafted, organically grown flea repelling botanicals like catnip & lemon balm.

Part of our Pebbles' Pet Care line – all of our pet care is 100% safe & effective...because we wouldn't ask you to put something on your dog, that we wouldn't put on our dog.

Available in 3oz to 20oz bag,


Sucrose (Cane Sugar), Certified Organic Unrefined Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Certified Organic Peanut Butter, Hand -Created Elixer Vitae [*Macrocystis Pyrifera (California Giant Brown Sea Kelp), *Fragaria vesca (Wild Strawberry), *Nepeta cataria (catnip), *Melissa Officinalis (lemon balm), *Calendula, Organic Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Hibiscus flower) *Organic/Wildcrafted/hand-harvested and grown on the premises.

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