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100% Organically grown & hand-harvested sea kelp, wild strawberry, wild rose & rosehips  are the top performers in this truly transformative serum



body  polish


More than just a sugar scrub, the Rejuvenating Body Polish is the only one of its kind, combining the bioactive power of serum with the skin-smoothing exfoliation of a scrub. 100% Organically grown & hand-harvested sea kelp, wild strawberry & hibiscus flower paired with with organic, unrefined coconut oil & cocoa butter to give you an experience like no other.  



our all-natural, handcrafted flea and tick spray is 100% safe & effective!
We made a bodypolish just for dogs an it smells like peanut butter cookies!
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We couldn't love our pets more if we gave birth to them ourselves...

If this sounds like you, then you're in the right place!  Everything we make, is born of a personal challenge to solve a problem for someone we love, using nothng but the safest, most effective and best ingredients with tons of research behind them.  In this case, it was Pebbles.  If your want to read the story behind this amazing line of skincare for pets, click below.

for your best friend


about me.

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Born & raised in Southern California,  painter/muralist, Carol Niottta became frustrated when she found herself with a persistent case of Tinea Versicolor that was resistent to all treatments for over a year .  After freaking out when she tasted metal when she used the Hawaiian treatment of choice, Selsun Blue, she went to work to find a better, safer and more effective treatment.   That's how the  Rejuvenating Body Polish was born.  It was also the birth of a new passion to learn everything she could about the skincare industry, as she quickly realized the effectiveness of trans-dermal delivery, and the implications that this has on our overall health.  After years of reserach  and being shocked by how many products contained potentially harmful ingredients, she decided it was her new calling to provide education as well as better products, with thoughtfully researched and tested, top of the line ingredients, and that absolutely nothing harmful or synthetic belonged in her new line.  

We hand-harvest all of our botanicals from wildcrafted & organically grown sources. Our Macrocystis Pyrifera (Giant, brown sea kelp) – prized for its incredible healthy skin-promoting properties, which keep you younger looking longer, and even heal, encourage collagen production, and its humectant propeerties even outperform hyaluronic acid  –  is harvested right here at home, at Windansea beach in La Jolla, CA, against a stunning backdrop of killer surf, adorable local seals and an incredibly biodiverse  population of wild organism in the myriad tide pools littering the gorgeous beaches.  We hand-harvest our wild roses and rosehips in a forest in Southern Oregon, along our other organically grown/wildcrafted terrestiral botanicals that we lovingly coax into our beautiful products.

Everything we create has been diligently studied and researched, then tested on our loved ones for safety, efficacy and ease of use before it gets our seal of approval, and ends up in the hands of consumers.  This includes our incredibly safe, effective and skin-nourishing flea, tick & mosquito repellent for pets and humans, which you can read about here.

We consider it a work of art and a labor of love, as well as a privilege to be chosen as a favorite by so many.


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